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Our dream is to provide Canadians and visitors to Canada with a locally made food option for your hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or kayaking adventure. Although outdoor recreation is such a big activity here in BC and in Canada, we were amazed to find out that options for freeze-dried meals available in stores were pretty much all imported products.
All of our gourmet freeze-dried entrees and snacks are made at our farm’s commercial kitchen in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC.

Our first venture was Fat Chili Farm. It began with our signature ‘Wizard’s Choice’ a cumin and honey based habanero sauce. We now create an exciting full-line of sauces, syrups and more. 

All of the chilis grown at Fat Chili Farm are grown inside a glass green house and Polly tunnels. Currently Fat Chili Farm grows 1500 chili plants, with 45 different species


We are active members of the local farmer market community. We love being part of the local food movement in the Cowichan Valley, with its growing national and international reputation as a source of high quality food products.

We appreciate the support the community gives to local business and it is important to us to try and give back by buying local wherever possible in making our products and supporting goods and services.

Who we are

Shani and Penny emigrated to Canada in 2005 with our three small children, drawn by the natural, wild beauty of the West Coast.

West Coast Kitchen was born of our passion for wilderness hiking and love of good food.  Shani is an international chef with 30 years’ experience and has constantly been in search of how to achieve the standard of our home cooked food in the wild.  After we came to Vancouver Island we were struck by the gap in local food production serving the wilderness tourism market and local hiking, fishing and hunting communities.

When we discovered freeze drying technology it became possible to prepare exactly what we needed in a lightweight durable form that still had the complete nutrition value and taste of freshly made food. The result is West Coast Kitchen our new line of freeze dried products.

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